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Chiropractic SESSION

Course of a session:

 - Duration 45 minutes

- The person is seated for a spinal check-up then lying on their stomach or back

- Points are stimulated on the spine and joints to release tension

- During the session, all the senses are stimulated to promote greater relaxation and regeneration of the body.​


Suitable for the elderly, adults, athletes, adolescents, children, babies and pregnant women.

Chiropractic is a practic of manual care. It allows you to release physical tension, emotional and mental.  Chiropractic makes it possible to seek out the origin of a symptom or dysfunction in the body.

Physical beneficial effects noted:

  • Release of muscle tension

  • Rebalancing of the body and its axes

  • Pain relief

Psychological beneficial effects noted:

  • Let go

  • Stress relief

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