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Natalie B, Paris - France

“I wasn't sure what kind of care I was going to get beforehand, but I was confident.

I felt warmth, relief - most in the plexus, I would say! I saw a light. Since then, my moments of depression have been very brief. I feel a calm inside, a certain fullness.

My intentions were to get better and be happier so the outcome is positive.

I will recommend this treatment to all people who are not well, are often psychosomatically ill and whose discomfort needs to be appeased.

They allow to have clearer ideas and also help to structure, to better listen to oneself, to have more creativity and to get back to basics. "

Natalie M.

Katia D, Paris 

" I met Amélie when I was looking to calm and clarify my mind but also to rest my body ...

More than a meeting through the care of the Weft and Bioenergy, it is a real journey that we have traveled together. I noticed a rapid erasure of my ruminations and a new energy deployed thanks to the recovery of a restful deep sleep.

Then as a matter of course, I clarified my thoughts and found a vital and emotional balance which allowed me to move forward.

I recommend this treatment to all people wishing to advance serenely and confidently in their personal, professional or spiritual life paths because the results are real, deep and lasting. "

Katia D.

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