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This vibratory technique acts on the flow of information in the human organism. A plan is necessary for the proper functioning of the body in order to maintain the coherence of this set made up of billions of cells and each having a specific role to play.


This information plane is represented in the form of a canvas of transverse, horizontal and vertical lines like the weft threads of a fabric, hence the name given to the technique. On this grid circulates the information necessary for each cell, for each organ to perform its functions. Any disturbance of this circulation causes disorders, imbalances, discomfort.

The goal of the framework is to find a harmonious circulation of information , the basis of balance and health.


As for the human body, a Company / a Project have:


  • a head is: The Management, The project manager. He or she carries the Global Vision and gives direction.

  • organs are: People working within the company or in satellite, the equipment useful for the operation. They generate activity with yield and result.

  • a vertebral structure are: The premises, the Hierarchy, The financial structure. They allow projects to be realized.

  • an energy of Life is: a setting in motion. It is generated by the emotions of enthusiasm and follows a Will, An Idea, A product, A service, A Concept. Stress generating emotional matter can block this energy.


This whole organization can be well oiled or at times feel difficulties to move forward, evolve, restructure, pass a course, set up, grow.


The ENTREPRISE Framework is a work done on energy, the very essence of the structure. In order to lighten it emotionally for better functioning, indications on the vision or tracks to realign the positioning of the structure can be perceived and transmitted.

Course of the COMPANY framework support:

Phone interview - 1h

Price: 110 € 

Preparation and sending of the QUOTATION

Preparation of the Weft / Care / Assessment - 4h

Price on estimate (depends on the size of the company or the project)


Preparation and sending of a report

Phone interview - 1h

Price: 110 €

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