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The medicine of the Snail. Could it be the Art of dying at

states of being to learn to love yourself? Or an expedition

in the interior earth to discover the gold that lives in oneself?


Confronted with death, Louise a young woman

chiropractor shocked, is stirred into the

depths of his bowels and loses all trace of

feelings suddenly for the man accompanying her

so. Lost in an inner malaise, she cancels her

wedding one month before the event and being in

the inability to give any explanation to the one she

quit, flee, claiming the need to get some fresh air.

Until the day she meets the Himalayan spikenard ...


Going from a state of hate to a state of love in  accepting his choices, becoming  a canal  psychic and describing her observations, Louise  learns to manage their own thoughts, to understand the  play of his emotions,  to listen to and respect his  needs and conveys the story of a life that she  applies to create in Joy.

Novel Snail Medicine

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