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Pack of 3 treatments
Exclusively Remote

Adult 245 € - 270 CHF



It is a faculty of resonance. So by using this faculty, one can work on someone remotely.

These treatments work on several levels (karmic, physical. Energetic). They make it possible to resolve past or current conflict situations. The cleaning of memories is a real physical, mental and energetic liberation.

It is a powerful tool for pacifying conflicting relational interactions

with others or with oneself .


Pacification of interior and exterior space

Noted beneficial physical effects:

  • Increase in vital energy

  • Decrease in emotional weight on oneself or on a relationship

  • Purification of the different energetic and structural bodies

  • Facilitates the self-healing process

Psychological beneficial effects noted:

  • Karma release (inner - outer tensions)

  • Pacification inner wounds, balm for the soul

  • Awareness and distance from one's own behavior

Indirect beneficial effects noted:

Liberation from toxic relationships - Clarification of one's path - Refocusing on the joy of living.

Course of BIOENERGIE treatments:

- Duration from 6 to 15h for one treatment

- The three treatments are carried out during the same week

Everyone works on different aspects of being

- They are carried out exclusively remotely

- Before starting the treatments, a telephone exchange allows to collect them. treatment intentions,

as well as the issues to explore.

- The care recipient lives his day normally,

however his energy is in motion

- An exchange time is scheduled at the end of the three sessions

For everyone

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