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Amélie HARAN

 Wellness center Consulting
Coaching - Care

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Among the many visions promoted for Well-Being and Health in our society,

here is the one I am defending.

Thanks to my career as a chiropractor , I advocate the philosophy of bringing care and attention to the physical body. Only during my practice did I realize the role, not insignificant, of the emotions and the psyche on this one.

With this awareness, I set out to find tools to understand the role and impact of these different parts.

Emotions (invisible but perceptible matter) cross us every day of our life. They come and go between us and the outside world. They set us in motion, slow us down, block us, weigh us down, invade us, burden us, enliven us, move us throughout our life. They color it and give it its flavor. They are palpable thanks to our feelings.

The psyche (the story we tell ourselves) is the main constituent of our mind. It was formed through the environment in which the child grew up and then matured. It integrates memories, memory, forms of automation generating patterns of reproduction, conscious or not.

Guiding the other to untie the thread of their behavior through their life story is fascinating. The bodies (visible part of the iceberg) are also the stories. So using tools that allow everyone to relate more to themselves gives back power and autonomy . It is an honor to pass on this knowledge and my own feelings. 

Opening your awareness and developing a fine listening to your feelings allows you to integrate what can disturb the body and its homeostasis. Thus we release into consciousness behavior of unease and survival.

My research in the field of Health forms an atypical course. However, they are the result of questions and concrete and positive experiments. These take me to the source of all that is: energy .


At the edge of each individual sits a soul with talents and a life mission .

So Art is the road

leading to the Way of helping everyone to discover their multiple dimensions

and to win back the burning fire - l'allegria, ruling his heart and his mind.

Amélie Haran

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