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What are the Akashic Records?



The Akashic Records are like the DNA of the universe.

They represent the soul's journey through time: every thought, word, action and motion is recorded in the Akashic Archives . Each soul has its own Annals, just as there are collective memories for all souls. This is also how we are all connected.

To begin with, it is very important to know the definitions of the two words:


Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means “sky”, “space” or “ether”, “primordial substance”. It is the energetic substance from which all life (soul) is formed.

Akashic is a plane of cosmic consciousness. It is a kind of memory or archive, recording all the events of the world.

Indications in the Old Testament evoke a collective reservoir of knowledge inscribed on the web of reality. Several personalities have already cited the Akashic records in their life, namely Carl Jung for whom

the Akashic records are “the collective unconscious”. Musician Jim Morrison also refers to him as “the universal spirit”.


The Akashic records or Akashic records accompany the soul in all its incarnations, recording all thoughts, words, emotions and actions experienced.

"Access the Akashic records,

it is like accessing a huge “Sacred Universe Library”. "

Why consult ?

Consult your Akashic Records ,

it is going to meet your fears and blockages and make sense of what is happening to you.

So you identify the filters that prevent you from accessing your true BEING. From there you can heal

karmic relationships, emotional wounds, fears, beliefs ...

To consult the Akashic records is to allow you to regain your full power for an authentic life with

yourself and others.

In which cases to consult?

When you notice that:

→ You are looking for meaning in your existence
→ You experience repeated situations (in love, friendship, at work, etc.) without understanding why, or how to get out,
→ You encounter relationship difficulties (tensions, conflicts, etc.) in which you are as if locked up,
→ You get stuck in your past (breakup, mourning, regrets, etc.),
→ You talk to negative emotions (anger, disgust, hatred, etc.) that impact your daily life and your relationships,
→ You too rarely feel joyful,
→ You have everything to be happy "and yet something is wrong",
→ You have the feeling that you are accumulating failures and / or that trials are your only experiences,
→ You avoid launching into some project or idea that is too stuck in your fears and beliefs,
→ You lack self-confidence,
→ You suffer from one or more addictions,
→ You are "brilliant" in self-sabotage


What does a soul reading bring ?


Doing a soul reading is like opening a chest, a trunk full of treasures : YOURS.
It offers you the prospect of understanding and healing whatever is hindering your well-being , whether it is related to an event in this life or in a past life.

Having access to your past lives only makes sense if your intention is to understand how your actions in the past impact your present. It is to allow you to raise and transcend patterns, beliefs, fears to allow you to BE fully and to continue your evolution .
In addition to providing you with the elements to help you understand who you ARE and your destiny, I support you by also giving you some tools and / or advice.

Precision: it is not a question of clairvoyance but of accompanying you to give you the information you need to understand the meaning of what is happening to you . It is an initiatory path so that you find your own answers.

How is the consultation going ?

After making an appointment, I invite you to think about the problem (s) you want to address during the


Please arrive with a few questions prepared for the session. We will reformulate them if necessary before opening

your Akashic records.

To start the consultation, I will explain the process of our interview to you. Then I perform the prayer in order to

connect to your Records and I deliver to you what is transmitted by the keepers of the Akashic Records. We will follow

the thread of guidance during which images, information, links with past lives, links

with your present life and healing can be done.

Some things will seem obvious to you, others less. Sometimes it takes a few days to understand the meaning

messages. At the end of the consultation, we take the pieces of the puzzle together and the actions to be anchored in the

material to integrate the information transmitted during the session.

These consultations are carried out with kindness and confidentiality.

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