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Aromatherapy is a source of physical , emotional and mental liberation !

Human smell is considered one of the least developed senses of

the man. Scientific literature considers that it can detect 10,000 different smells, but a scientific study from 2014 suggests that it can actually perceive more than a trillion (1,000 billion). Olfaction is of great importance in the conscious or unconscious determination of our behavior. This sense allows, like a dog's flair: to direct, to direct, to feel what is good or bad for oneself.


The process

The perceived odors will directly affect the olfactory nerve by vibrating the olfactory cilia. These give information directly to the limbic brain without going through the mind and intellect. If the smell is pleasant or unpleasant, the person will react in the most suitable way possible and remember it.


Psychic or emotional traumas are engramed in memory.

Thus going to touch the negative emotional charges with essential oils is very effective and quickly relieves states of chronic illness.

Course of a session

I call you

and we chat on zoom or on the phone

Oil pulling and decoding

Description and instructions for use

from a physical, emotional and energetic point of view

Duration of 45 minutes

Tips and Directions for using oils

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