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To be published - January 20 ..

Author Amélie HARAN Self-publishing publication January 20 ..

TYPE Roman Epitaphe - Calm glances - Achievements



Louise is a hundred years old woman. His life seems to be drawing to a close. With many accomplishments, Louise takes a tender look at the reasons behind her many accomplishments. Like an attentive grandmother, she conveys her message and waves her visually impaired staff or cane when some deflect or disturb the field of her initial vision.

Will she never lose her connection ...

Thus she announces like a guide, seated in a large wicker armchair with a true word, a few more indications.

Forget me not is the preparation of a spirit for its own departure on paths of invisible and delicate scent. This axis then taken, taught to a very large number, has become like a beacon in the darkness of recklessness and ignorance vis-à-vis death.


What will be the words of these last writings from which Louise will have had in her way so much happiness to deliver here below?

So the hour strikes for her to go find the beyond ....

SYNOPSIS Forget me not: Articles de presse
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