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Publication January 2018

Author Amélie HARAN Self-publishing publication January 2018

TYPE Adventure novel - Initiation quest - Personal Development



Louise is a young woman in her twenties. Her life seems all mapped out: fiancée, graduate and marriage in prospect allow her to feel reassured. When the sudden death of one of her childhood friends occurs. Rose suddenly dies. Louise anesthetized by this event loses all traces of feelings for the man who accompanies her. Lost in an inner malaise, she cancels her wedding a month before the event and leaves him. Fleeing from her discomfort, Louise traces her path in a desire to rediscover the taste for life and her desires. Her quest goes through an acceptance of the extraordinary and leads her on an initiatory adventure in Helvetic country in a colorful fresco of encounters with multiple teachings. Laure, a Valais woman, explains the importance of providing interior and exterior care to the body. Théo and Eléonore, from Ticino, help Louise to release her emotions through life in a circle. Then Louise welcomes the possibility of being guided by invisible presences. Gradually she goes up the stream of her health to access a new way of working. Taking care of her body, freeing her emotions and clarifying her mind lead her down paths that Louise never thought she had access to.


Louise provides end-of-life support in Champagne using the tools gleaned during her trip. Zabie a 75 year old woman dies with a smile on her lips and her daughter Cristina lives the separation serenely. Louise this time saw the moment of the Grand Passage differently and in a joyful way. This leads him to savor every moment of his own life and to question his desires and desires. Little by little, she sets out in search of making her big dreams come true: To climb a mountain in Nepal, to write a book and to make a film ...

So she integrates her story in her own way.


The Medicine of the Snail is the story of the decystallization of a gland: the pineal. True conductor capable of integrating man into the natural rhythms of the environment where he lives. This tiny lump of gray cerebral substance shaped like a pine cone rests in the heart of the human brain. According to the Egyptians, Descartes, Pythagoras or Plato, it would be the seat of the human soul.

SYNOPSIS Médecine de l'Escargot: Articles de presse
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