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Expected publication January 2023

Author Amélie HARAN Self-publishing publication January 2023

TYPE Love novel - Alchemical Wedding - Esoteric Blossoming


Louise is a young woman in her forties. His life seems to have opened up to a stranger conducive to new creations. Having learned a lot, Louise uses the tools gleaned during her great journey of initiation in order to build consciously and skillfully. Raising his intuitive antennae, directing himself according to his feelings, acting first for his own good then for that of others and giving thanks are the tools of his panoply.

When extraordinary elements arise necessary for its development. Louise energized by the strength and nature of these elements sees her life radically transformed ...


In this way, its epigenetics are modified thanks to respect and to listening to beings of a nature that is still invisible, moreover.

So she harmoniously created a new story in her own way.


The Peace Treaty is the description of the unfolding of a different functioning of man and its implementation. The expansion of the heart's energy acts like magic and maliciously deploys signs to move forward as vertically as horizontally. This axis then taken by a small number is emulated and really attracts? So what is this secret of witches whose benefits Louise can't wait to reveal ...

SYNOPSIS Traité de Paix: Articles de presse
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