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Anaïs, Valais - Switzerland  Care  Weft  from a distance

Living a distance session of the Trame care with Amélie is like entering my inner world and letting what needs act to act. Cleaning, welcome, acceptance, each treatment is unique and each treatment brings me closer to myself, to my essence, to my soul by letting go of whatever hinders it.

Thank you Amélie for this sweet intensity.

Anais G

Sarah, Tel Aviv - Israel  Care  Weft  from a distance

Remote energy of trame, I want to be able to share and testify my feelings after an energy treatment carried out at a Distance with Amelie HARAN.

To start the concept of distance care was for me very abstract and can be difficult to achieve. To have experienced it, I can ask words about the sensations, and the presence of internal energy that manifests in our own interior ...


During the session, I could feel at the level of my solar plexus, like a ball which transmitted waves and its waves diffused in me, like an intense vibrating echo. This feeling to last more than 20 min.

In addition to that, I also felt like small energies which moved in my legs and this sensation intense heat on the face did not leave me quite during the whole session.

This frame was an intense experience and continues to release sss energies and its work on me...

 Sarah B

Lise,   Paris, France  Care  Weft  from a distance

"For me, this first Remote Trame was very enriching. Used to the physical sessions in the office, I was full of fears, particularly those of not being able to disconnect, that my mind would keep the upper hand or that my phone sounds at an inappropriate time ...

Experience has shown me the opposite. I got comfortable and managed to be in the moment and by the end I felt relaxed and aligned.

Thank you for everything and very much the next one ... "

Lise E

Gabin, Mont du Lyonnais  Care  Weft  from a distance

Alexandra, Paris Treatment  Weft 

Baptiste,   Crans - Montana  Care weft 

Hello Amelie,

I wanted to thank you for your care and your presence during the treatment, it may be formal but you add your personal sensitivity to it and it's great.
This morning I feel a lot of positive things, especially my lighter body, because I felt like I was caught in a vice with this predominant pain on my side. Today it is very discreet, so I feel alive again! I also made a new appointment in 3 weeks to go a little further...
Thanks in advance and see you soon,

Baptist G.

Témoignages Trame
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